Dan Cathy Of Chick-fil-A: How About Lunch?

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I see only one possibility for our society to move past and heal from our increasingly dangerous impasse: to have real conversations with one another. And I don’t mean scripted, talking-point-filled debates that turn into a wrestling match.

This piece is self-serving, preachy and finger wagging but at least one good point is made: “Perhaps the most valuable thing to come from our lunch would be the chance for Dan to know me a bit more — and for me to know him. And I think it would be wonderful if Dan could learn more about the same-sex couples I know who are creating such beautiful families and bring such great gifts to the church.”
If we could listen to each other and synthesize instead of being on the ready with a comment, argument or quip. If we could what would happen? Let’s try it.
However it seems clear to me that Jesus didn’t come to earth to “pull everyone together,” but to preach the Kingdom and show what ultimate love is and to be that love incarnate and to give us life and life more abundantly through his sacrificial death and resurrection, that we could love like him and be reconciled to God, but it ain’t always pretty people.

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