9/11 a Minority “Report”

I Remember 9_11 2001

I was dropping my daughter off at day car and it was on TV there.  I will always remember my daughter who, like her dad when the 1st plan came in, had no idea what was going on and who wasn’t quite two years old exclaiming how pretty the flames were.

I also remember Rock and Roll DJ’s at a loss for what to play and one Cleveland DJ succumbing to the realization, “I got nothin.”

I remember being at an arts forum about 9/11 with Tom Schorgl, President and CEO of Community Partnership for Arts & Culture and listening to a mostly Caucasian audience talk about how they didn’t feel safe any more in America, in their homes, and telling them, “Join the party, that’s how I feel most days in America where discrimination is a Black man’s constant companion and police are not his friend”… cut to Trayvon Martin.

I was struck by how I didn’t and don’t feel any less safe because of 9-11.  I remember many people of color, especially comedians, extolling, “Alright! America got some new niggas now! We can take a break for a minute!” referring to a new high priority racial profiling in government and among John Q Public directed at “Arab looking” people inundating them in a cloud of suspicion, hatred, being feared and stereotyped and pick out for lambasting by association no closer than “the look.”   Niggers indeed.

I became very concerned as I saw how the Bush administration in my view was using the opportunity to erode even more of our right to free speech and privacy especially with as I recall new wiretapping initiatives.  I still feel that the administration used this as an expansionist opportunity and an opportunity to get the American people more disengaged with our own empowerment.  His answer to this issue for American people was stick your head in the sand, act as if nothing is going on.. “Go out and shop! Go to Disney World!” Admittedly this is partly because since the Kennedy administration we have been in a product driven society made to look like a consumer driven society, but  here is a 2008 view from Washington Poster Andrew J. Bacevich about the implications of Mr. Bush sending us shopping I believe deserves a read.

I remember many of the stories of courage and how much of America pulled together in one way or another.  I remember welling up with tears at how horrific it must have been for people directly involved and their families, the overwhelming suddenness of it all.

I was horrified seeing civilians jump to their deaths rather than be burned alive. All of this was a very slow burn effect going from it not dawning on me initially to having it hit buttons and having had to shove some of my issues way, way down.

Eleven years later 9/11 is no less grave and I am regretfully no less the iconoclast.  Prayers for a better world through embracing  and investing in the inner world.  Politicians don’t have your answers, nor do academicians, nor do holy men, the kingdom of God is within you.  Breath in Breath out be congruent and authentic.

Two poems generated behind 9/11

Sometimes ya just gotta laugh.

Dis’ Functional Family

Neglected child

You Love yo’ mommy

all the while

She dotes over brothers

hosts many suitors

educates her daughters

receives your accusers.

America the Beautiful

ample breasts

firm and full

to feed her children

two strong arms

to hold them tight.

Colored child

a neglected child

Mad and hurt by

mommy’s abuses

yet of her womb

none the less,

bears her name

but not daddy’s best.


claim the accusers.

Bastard child come and fight.

See mommy’s arms

strong to fight.

She dotes over brothers

hosts many suitors

educators her daughter

receives your accusers.

Fight for mommy, your brothers your sisters!


Copyright 2002 CIOFaithwalker

Devils’ Plague

When the plague is present

others feel the fever

at arms length they keep you.

There is a stench

it turns their heads downwind.

They lock their car doors

when you walk by.

Women’s hands’ and arms grab

with an

involuntary pinch

at purses as they huddle

and hurry their young.

Men pat pockets

and quicken their steps.

“Those minds are predisposed

to violent thoughts, you know

steal and rape and kill”

they think.

Eyes follow you

and thrust daggers deep

into your flesh.  If you

are blessed you are alive

one more day.

From whence comes their contagion

that affects you so deeply

who is to say?



About leftthumbprint

I am a monk. Breath in Breath out Be congruent meaning be true to yourself Walk in Love forgiving all even yourself Love the Walk recognizing your imperfect finiteness in the light of your infinite self for now we see through a glass dimly It's an ongoing process not a one shot deal
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2 Responses to 9/11 a Minority “Report”

  1. jaiepicure says:

    We will never forget exactly what we were doing this day. I have heard and read so many stories from all over the world and everyone has a deep felt sense of “reliving” the tale. Great post.

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