A Modest Proposal: A Day of Atonement for all the World’s Religions | Think Tank | Big Think

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This piece from big think is a about a day of atonement, in their spit atonement for religion. However, how about a day of Atonement for social media mavens and the bad boys and girls of public discourse who seem not to have an inkling of notion about the responsibility they carry in terms of public trust in the public arena and as gatekeepers albeit by default and being in danger of hellfire.

Rush Limbaugh, Imus, any lying politicians, and everyone else who have offered up sorry excuses for free speech and even sorrier excuses for apologies over what they’ve said, rumors they’ve started especially when they’ve know they were lying and being manipulative. Some make their lies unapologetic talking points because obviously their position is so righteous the end justify the means Niccolò Machiavelli style. Apology doesn’t seem hardly enough in light of the death of ambassador Chris Stevens.  Two themes reemerge; we live in serverely uncivil times; our world is so small now and anyone has access to everyone.

I guess we’re good with “no harm no foul.” Obviously though just because ya can’t immediately detect harm doesn’t mean harm has not occurred. I say “gatekeepers by default” because maybe the day of atonement should be for us the end user and possible true gatekeeper that seem to crave hype at any cost, controversy and caustic conversation that tickles our itching ears and back up what we think. We listen to it, digest it, laugh about, shake our heads and pass it on like “gospel.”

Rachel Maddow raised a thought about the point of view of a media end user in Arab countries like Egypt where every thing that gets to the public is censored and allowed by the government, no wonder they think this “Innocence of Muslims” is mainstream and approved by our government, that is the world they live in. Rachel said we need to spend time or more time educating others about our exercise of free speech as opposed to defending it. She was more succinct than that.

What is scary is folks in censorship parts of the world have an excuse having no idea that this thing is put out by a couple of ignorant yahoos with deep pockets. Well that’s not scary what is scary is how much of the time we in this country can easily, easily vet out the stupid junk like “Innocence of Muslims,” and we don’t. Umm hmm, yall know.

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