The War Over Healthy Food

One thing I don’t see a lot of conversation about is the need for us the people to starting collecting heirloom seeds. These genetically modified foods on top of being dangerous have patents ergo owners who can choose what to do with them like charge more by lowering the supply through a monopoly or holding communities, states, countries ransom. It is harder and harder (or so it seems to me) to find watermelon seeds and other kinds so you can grow your own. I’m all for watchdogging and protesting Mansanto but the real revolution will come in our own empowerment, our own taking control. First step buy local; another step might be grow your your own on your own property; another step might be gorilla seeding, that is mad dumping seeds, on razed lots, in parks and woods; hydroponics and permaculture; less reliance on meat->no reliance on meat. This is a lot of power a lot of control. This would affect the drug industry and the MEDICAL military complex because we’d be healthy. ref: Forks Over Knives. This link says the film is at the Cedar Lee but it’s an old article I’m using because of its Cleveland 216 slant :


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I am a monk. Breath in Breath out Be congruent meaning be true to yourself Walk in Love forgiving all even yourself Love the Walk recognizing your imperfect finiteness in the light of your infinite self for now we see through a glass dimly It's an ongoing process not a one shot deal
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