Cavana Faithwalker was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He blames his packrat tendencies, the economy in his art and poetry on being raised by an Alabama, depression baby momma who was raised on a farm with her nine brothers and sisters. “She is probably the reason I fight consumerism gone amuck and the overly me-ish influence of our society,” says Cavana.

His fascination with mechanical things, physics, his aesthetics, his sense of humor and how things relate to each other comes from construction worker dad and others.

He has a degree in public art marketing and management from Cleveland State University. “So I think the idea was to bring art to ‘the masses,’ so my degree was mostly urban studies and art with some marketing.  My ideas have changed and shifted a lot since then as has the focus.”

Much of his worldview and values have been molded by his Blackness bestowed upon him in a working class Black, urban neighborhood.  Currently however this worldview seems to have been overshadowed by Buddhism and quantum physics. He says his “new best friend” now is Amit Goswami a quantum physicist turned spiritual guru. ” I think something is happening worldwide as far as spiritual consciousness.  For me after almost a quarter century of mainstream and somewhat fundamentalist Christian dogma and orthodoxy (not including my childhood and teenage years), that whole thing is giving in to a new interpretation of what the canon says and also what is myth and what is ‘reality.’ Maybe it is revelation or enlightenment.  I think we discount the power of myth and truth that can be contained in myth and try to make it ‘real.’ It is ironic because reality isn’t very real, at least our visceral and common experience we call reality isn’t, it is so subject to change.   When it comes to orthodoxy and dogma I rather like an adage attributed to Zen Buddhism, ‘when you meet the Buddha in the road, kill the Buddha.’”

Cavana believes in congruency. “The more you can be in sync with your authentic self the healthier you are and the more life you bring to the things you do, yeah congruency.”  He aims at being content in life and enjoying life.  His mantra is breathe in breathe out.  “Through meditating when I play my didgeridoo I may have zeroed in on the one thing that won’t change in my world view, it may be the constancy that anchors me, the lessons in science, those metaphysical concepts beyond the science of plant animal relationships surrounding oxygen are powerful. A natural outcome of this mantra is thinking win-win, big picture, and yin yang. Another thought foremost in his mind concerns the work of Carl Rogers and a famous term of his, “unconditional positive regard.”

Perhaps when you gravitate to something or are in accord with something it was meant to be that revelations come through it.  I learned to play the didjeridoo in 30 minutes, ‘circular’ breathing and how to make sounds.  Many play along time without learning ‘circular breathing’ but it just seemed like the thing to do.”

Cavana is a visual and performance artists, he sings and plays didjeridu and is aiming at attaining some level of expertise at throat singing also know as overtone singing.

Cavana was the Poet Laureate for the City of Cleveland Heights, Ohio from 2011-2013.

“Muhammed Ali got me into poetry with his prose and antics in the 70s,” Faithwalker says.  “I would write prose poetry and recite them for fellow students in high school.”  He won his first poetry contest while in high school.

Today Cavana puts himself in the activist ‘box’. “A lot of folks don’t like labels but we are hard wired to label and pre judge.  I read this sign that said activism is the rent for living on this planet, or something like that.  I like that but even more so we are all activists if we become aware and congruent. We naturally care and get involved and wear off on those that have been beat up too much to care and get involved – empowerment.  When we get too beat up someone re empowers us.  Romantic view I know and I try to live into it.

See more of Cavana’s raison d’etre at Metabedu.




Bragging rights
I catch myself being what I want to become more and more freuently.

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